Ohh, but I do…

I really enjoy leaving home with the camera. Even if for a simple stroll around the city.
The unexpected does tend to take place. A couple of shots came out that I’ll be adding to my deFocuseD series.

“Ohh but I do. I love the lights…”


  “Ohh but I do. Just look at them… Look at them two.”


“Ohh but I do. If waiting would cut it, we would all cut it.” Düsseldorf-Sep2014-Waiting-7525All photographs shot with Fuji X-Pro1 and Olympus 55mm f1.2. All rights reserved © André Nunes

A song a day…

…keeps the bed bugs away.

Alright, for today I’m spicing things up a bit. Despite my sensible side, at heart I’m an old Rock ‘n’ Roll soul that actually belongs in the 60’s. So here it is, one of my latest obsession bands.

They frequently play during my high speed Autobahn sessions. Royal Blood. A lot of sound for just a couple of blokes. They’re from West Sussex and this is what I call proper Rock ‘n’ Roll…

A song a day…

…keeps the doctor away. I’ve lined up an idea for this week. From today till Friday I will post daily and my focus will be on music, bands and artists that I admire. I absolutely love this first one.

Band: Half Moon Run
From: Montreal, Canada


Half Moon Run (Unofferable – Lyrics)

Tell me a lie
I’ll be the first to fall
Give me an offer, unofferable

Imagine the warmth
In those tiny hands
That held on to a penance I didn’t deserve

Don’t it feel like a knife
In the back of your head
And it reeks like an afterthought, rotten and said
Maybe something got lost or forgotten instead

Oh and I’m bound by a drunk
With a few memories
Of how you burn through your lovers, it’s like an ugly disease
And give me an offer, unofferable

Held on to a penance,
I didn’t deserve
And it reeks like an afterthought rotten instead
And maybe something got lost or forgotten and said