Where are they now…?

Some of us born in the beginning of the eighties, end of the seventies, will likely remember some of the amazing TV cartoons that captured the imagination of so many. I clearly remember getting up on Saturday mornings to turn the big boxy TV and watch cartoons with my brother. We had a great collection…

From the fantastic He-Man (around 1988 it was also the first movie I watched in a cinema theater)… he-man …to the amazing Roger Rabbit and wife Jessica Rabbit… Roger Roger 2 Jessica Rabbit …the handy Inspector Gadget Gadget …to the Thundercats (I absolutey loved this series)… Thundercats …and I could never forget the initial Ninja Turtles and their love for Pizza. Ninja Turtles So it was an interesting experience to come across this video which depicts all my childhood heroes enjoying retirement… It’s fair enough to say that some are better off than others.

“Time is linear, memory is a stranger…”

Ohh, but I do…

I really enjoy leaving home with the camera. Even if for a simple stroll around the city.
The unexpected does tend to take place. A couple of shots came out that I’ll be adding to my deFocuseD series.

“Ohh but I do. I love the lights…”


  “Ohh but I do. Just look at them… Look at them two.”


“Ohh but I do. If waiting would cut it, we would all cut it.” Düsseldorf-Sep2014-Waiting-7525All photographs shot with Fuji X-Pro1 and Olympus 55mm f1.2. All rights reserved © André Nunes