guilty until otherwise proven…

I have to ask for some type of forgiveness or absolution… I’m guilty until otherwise proven. I’ve been mistreating my blog and all of You that come to visit my desert of sand questing for news or some type of creative feedback or sudden explosion. I know that time should never be an excuse to skip some human needs like expressing ourselves but lately I find myself working 10 hours a day and the other 5 hours I’ve been using them to readapt to the fact of being home again. It’s been a week now, that I’m in Portugal. Things are going Ok, but I’m already programming my next adventure. Life as to be taken as a constant challenge. Anyways… This Saturday, 4 hour rehearsal with my band, we have to catch up with the EP. From now on I will try to keep this blog updated more often and save this month from desertification…

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