The fat Rabbits

For years people have been dying of hunger.
Years. Children. People all over the globe. latest Headlines… Price of food goes higher.

All of the sudden, with the price of food increasing, the spoiled western countries feel the problem in their pockets. The issue is made urgent. The ultimate hypocrisy. The world has to come together; we need plans… UN even creates a “committee” to try and tackle the problem.

At least huge amounts of cereals are being converted into Biofuels…
They are said to polute less.

While hunger spreads, BP, Shell, Oil speculators and hedge fund managers have had record profits during the first quarter of the year. On the other hand, banks keep revealing losses (now it’s Deutsche Bank) due to the north American sub-prime exposure. As a result, houses in the US continue dropping price at a record rythm and the trust of American consumers plunges at a skydiving pace. So it seems that sooner or later they will end up parking their Hummers for good. About the financial markets… No problem… Irresponsability pays… The Federal reserve in the US is already injecting money in banks to save them. So I guess that’s the rule… Wear a tie, drive irresponsable and unethical business, get stupidly and immoraly rich and ultimately you’ll still be saved to ensure that you don’t drag the entire world with you. Until now no one went to jail…

For few, things are looking perfect, the fat rabbits are buying submarines for weekend trips and 5000 british pound purses for their facelifted wives. 100 million people are seeing food taken out of their plates due to general price increases. India already blocked all rice exports due to troubled cities with steep increasing prices and stock shortage. Something is going terribly wrong with the world.

Question: Where are the fat rabbits?

At a young age we are taught in school that things do not disapear, they just transform. Money obeys the same rule. So… If so many are getting poorer, where are the fat rabbits?

by André Nunes

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