The beauty of globalization

One global economy, companies moving, people moving, a united world with the goal of creating business and added value. A few years gone by and the question should be: Is this concept for everybody? Was it designed for everybody? – Clearly not. If you’re a business man, you’re likely to be received with open arms in almost any country of the world.
While companies and capital can move pretty easily, people can’t. You’re stuck to a country not only socially but by taxes and by a general package of laws and regulations that are making it harder and harder for people to move around. Things like VISAS, work permits… Legal requirements that make it unbearable for a private, isolated individual with low economical status to move to wherever he feels like. This is particularly serious in non-developed countries with few legal agreements with the more developed nations. Countries that are now slowly improving their economies based on low salaries that call all sorts of companies looking for low operation costs – and improving their economies is not being reflected in terms of salary increases or labour rights… To me, this comes to show that all of this was designed from the start to make the big sharks even fatter. It was not designed to everybody. Ultimately, with the main economies of developed nations going worst and worst, people will realize that actually, everything was designed for a few.

By the way… With the latest drops in the price of oil… Did anyone see prices drop at gas stations?…

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