aren’t we all made slaves…

on my post about modern slavery or… Aren’t we all made slaves…

For the first time in 2 years I have removed a post. It was obviously oriented to modern slavery, how marketing and general companies control us by controlling our moods and wills while providing us credit to ensure we are nailed and imprisoned, working around the clock to pay for needs we really didn’t have in the first place. The picture intent was not to be racist at all. I’m hoping Barack Obama wins the general election and I do feel outraged by the sense of judging someone by the colour of their skin.

So particularly to Quiesha and Ms.Hicks, let me tell you that nowadays, we are all slaves, independent of skin colour or religion and as proof of what I’m saying all you need is to look around, from the tragedy of foreclosures in the US to the crisis now hitting the entire globe (once again, without choosing colours or beliefs). So unfortunately, I have to say… Nowadays, independent of skin colour, nationality or religion… aren’t we all made slaves?

To end the constant river of misunderstanding towards the initial post I was called to remove it, with much pity from my side. It’s unfortunate that some of us still live with such strong misconceptions of times long gone while being unable to understand the message words truly bring. Regards

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