So… Are these lines parallel? What is your view on the subject?


If you say “no, they are not parallel” and someone comes and says your view is a mere mind effect and the lines are actually parallel… Will you buy into that? And what if the person telling you is a “financial specialist”? Will you then buy it?

I was amazed when I got to know that a CEO defended the tools and financial products became so complex and so difficult to attain that not even managers could understand what the products were really about.

So… Would you buy something, would you spend your own hard earned money on something you actually don’t understand to the full extent? No? What if it’s not your money? What if the risks would actually pay off in the upcoming months for yourself and your career? What if doing so would get you a fat pension and great bonuses (even if all hell would break loose afterwards)? Would you do it then? I guess that most people falling in the category of “total absence of professional ethics or values, blind ambition and thirst for power” will have an instant answer for these questions…

Until now, if we exclude Madoff (small fish) did anyone ended up in jail?

The markets will probably keep falling until governments actually show that responsibility will be taken to those responsible.

So if you go to a bank and steal the safe, what will happen to you? Jail?

Now try this… Go to a senior management position and loose money that it’s not even yours in investments you don’t even understand. What will happen to you then? A fat pension?…

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