I started my week with an interesting mental exercise. It was bitterly cold for a Monday morning but the sun was shining and the sky was as blue as it gets during a German winter.

And so I started listing. Listing all the things that make my life enjoyable. All that makes it worth living.

So the list started rolling… Love, my good old friends, acts of street samaritanism, hot espressos during winter, reading blogs in the morning, going out carrying only my camera, long relaxing showers, traveling to exotic places, (very) long drives, arriving home after a long day, tasting good food and wine, feeling warm in the snow, cycling until my legs hurt, watching good movies.

It’s interesting that in the majority of cases our bad moods are simply caused by the setting of negative mindsets. The mental and latent reinforcement of negativism warping thoughts into real events…

It was a good day.

3 thoughts on “Reasons…

  1. This is a great list of feel good things. It’s so easy for people to get into that negative frame of mind…it’s not always easy to get out of it. However, the simplest of things like taking a longhot shower, or going for a drive, can make us feel great again! It’s those small things in life that can give us the most pleasure. Nothing beats going out, carrying a just a camera! 🙂

    • I have a tendency of stressing and worrying by anticipation – not good! The perfectionist in me likes to play all possible scenarios and with my imagination some potential outcomes can be pretty damn worrying. You just mentioned another 2 activities I absolutely love – long drives (here in Germany Sunday mornings are a luxury, city streets are empty) and very long showers which is not good for water conservation but life is too short 😉

      • I like to drive through winding county roads, listening to music and getting lost in my thoughts. Wrapped up in the moment, my worries are no longer! Long showers aren’t so good for the water conservation, but as you say, life is too short and long showers are too damned good!

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