17 thoughts on “The musician (Paris)

    • You got me laughing Zareenn. You’re right, Paris is full of life but it can be pretty easy to stereotype it. I love their baguettes and wine but I also have a croissant crush! Thank you for dropping by my blog 😉

      • Croissant are love! We don’t have the original ones but the Pakistani rendition ain’t too bad!
        I would love to visit Paris one day.

      • You should definitely try it at least once. Just make sure you get at least 1 week there. The city is huge and takes a bit of time to move from point A to point B. I was there twice (2 weeks in total) and always left with the feeling I had only scratched the surface…

      • Living in Germany means I can get there easily. But you are right, it’s a very expensive city. Too expensive in my opinion.

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