11 thoughts on “Vorsicht (Rutschgefahr)

  1. I particularly like how it’s monochrome..but then there’s a tiny bit of yellow! Striking image!

  2. The lines in this are mesmermizing! I’m with Amanda! Great shot! I love how you composed the entire image! And I also thank you for the follow on Petals. Love, Amy

      • Thank you for replying for I meant to follow you. Now I am. I really like your form of art. Quite different from mine. And because it is, I will learn from you. xx Amy

      • Nature is just so beautiful. We both capture two different types of nature that although different in style, have more similarities than differences. Thank you for your interest and for your comments.

      • I totally understand your point of view, and I say as well, you are welcome. Nature does not every cease to amaze me. May we each learn from the other. I’m not too educated yet with PS so when I see a photo such as yours, in monochrome, yet with the yellow sign, I ask how did you do that? Yes, I have books, and that is how I learn. But you get me to ask, and then I seek the answers. Wonderful! xx Amy

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