Homes and Origin

Some say “home is where your heart is”. What if one’s heart is in many places?

I lived in a few cities and with every move my sense of belonging changes. It mutates. The emotional sense of locational exclusivity that tends to be attached to the word “home” is reduced further. My heart is in so many places that I do ask myself repeatedly: Where is home?

Still, the places that saw me grow still feel pretty special (not to say they are indeed stunning). 


 Setúbal, Portugal. City where I was raised. Where the Sado river meets the Atlantic ocean. Sunset pic.


Palmela. Neighbor city right next to Setúbal. Great wines. Beautiful castle.

Castle Palmela-7423

The Palmela castle. I could walk around that castle for hours.Palmela Castle 2-7442

The Palmela castle offers one of the best views of Setúbal. Sunsets are magical.

Lisbon 2-7344

Lisbon. City where I was born. My favorite city to eat and shop.


The Expo area (now called “Parque das nações”). Great place to grab a meal, go for a nice walk…

Chilling in Lisbon-7368

…and relax.

I’d like to be able to predict where life will take me next. What’s the next city I’ll be calling home. But I can’t, and that’s just fine. My origins are and will always remain, the same.

All pictures by André Nunes ©

35 thoughts on “Homes and Origin

  1. Home is where you can be yourself and feeling good about things in life. I don’t know why but I feel home everywhere I’ve been but not where I actually live haha. Nice post and pictures 🙂

    • I’m with you on that. I loved the place where I was living previously but had to move to be closer to work (the commuting was killing me slowly). Now I feel home when at home but as soon as I leave the flat I completely miss the connection with the city. I smell another move will be in line shortly 😉

    • You should definitely do! It’s a stunning country with lovely warm people. Well worth the trip 😉
      Thank you for dropping by my little corner of the internet!

  2. Beautiful places! I love Portugal. The culture, the beaches, the relaxed pace of life. You are lucky to have lived in so many different places. I’ve only moved once in my life and I would love to experience living in a different country – I’m not sure where, yet? Any suggestions?

    • Ahahah, I have too many suggestions. Cologne in Germany (I lived there for 5 years and absolutely loved it – the most liberal, fun and crazy city in Germany), then Hamburg, Berlin and (of course) Lisbon. I would also give Milan a chance. Monaco I would do for 2 years – max. Paris is not my cup of tea although some friends of mine absolutely loved living in Paris! I’ve been there twice and could give it a try if the pay is high enough 😉

      • Wow! So many places. Perhaps, I’ll do a short time in each! I actually love Paris – the city of love. I have very fond memories of being in Paris. I visited 8 years ago, when I first started dating my husband. He whisked me away on a spontaneous trip! 🙂 I would love to live somewhere HOT. England is too cold and rainy!

      • Hot? Try Algarve in Portugal. Can’t get any hotter. For me is too much (and I’m Portuguese). Location is all about association. You loved Paris because your heart was swept away in Paris. Personally I have no relationship with Paris (even if I’ve been there a few times). Nothing clicked up until today. Hope is not lost though and I do love the Parisian croissants.

      • I went to the Algarve last year. I really enjoyed it. But as you say, it was waaaay too hot! I’m not sure if I could cope with that kind of humidity all year round.

        Oh. And you can’t beat a croissant! Yum!

      • You should try Porto Covo in Portugal… Also hot but less tourists and stunning – kilometers of beach lines without a soul. I’m not a fan of heat, so Portugal (yes, my own country) is not really my thing during peak of summer (this year I opened an exception and went during August).

  3. I’ve moved about a bit, always on our “little island”, I’ve lived in a number of houses in a number of places and although I’ve called them home, and they’ve all had a lot going for them, one doesn’t stand out any more than another. Home seems to be wherever the moment takes me, I haven’t left my heart in a special place yet, so my home is still wherever I happen to be.
    I have another move planned in a year or so, with no plans to move any further so who knows, I’ve a feeling the town where I’m heading even though I’ve only visited before has a place waiting for my heart to finally call home.

    • I know what you mean. My theory is that the more one moves, the harder it is to settle and feel at home anywhere. I hope not though.
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment 🙂

  4. I have a lot of homes–the place I grew up, which is the place I ended up settling to raise my own children, the town I moved to after college, far from anyone I’d known before, where I found myself, my center, my sanity. The big city where I ran wild in my mid-20s, and the rural village 3000 miles away where it rained half the year and I learned to garden and embrace discomfort, rather than letting it get me down. A thought, a memory, a shadow, a scent can take me back to any of those places in a heartbeat, at the least expected time, and give me pause to smile–good memories–but the best of it is that the friendships that I made, the good people who have also moved on to new, separate lives. They’re home almost as much as my family, and they’re always with me.

    • Hi JunkChuck, thank you so much for your comment. I fully understand you. It’s really great to collect so many different memories, different locations, different people. You’re right, sometimes all it takes me is a short deja vu moment and I go back in time and space. Have a great start of week!

    • Hi David, it’s never too late to start 😉
      Have you watched the movie Mitty? It’s a great one about our own power to break away.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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