43 thoughts on “…taking the Mickey

    • It was just standing there in the middle trying to get a few coins while the entire world moved around. One of the reasons I like to carry a camera with me at all times 😉

      • Not really. This was in Cologne, Germany. There’s nothing at all around resembling Disney. That’s what made it even more interesting 😉

      • I live two & a half hours away from Disneyworld. I love it there but it’s so expensive for passes. Every time I visit Universal Studios I pass the turn in for Disney & I just want to turn in & say not this time Universal, I’m going to Disney!! That doesn’t happen though!! Haha ( :

      • That is so cool. A few years a go I was in Disneyworld and Universal. It was an amazing 2 weeks. I did the entire Cruise line / Disneyworld / Universal / NASA tours and it was amazing. The hard part was to fly back 😉

      • I went on a cruise one time, that was definitely enough. I heard the Disney cruises are just incredible though.

      • We did Carnival. I wouldn’t recommend. But it was still nice being with my family without any distractions.

      • I still remember at the time when we were researching, we got strong recommendations not to do Carnivals. Your feedback aligns to what we were told 😉

  1. beautiful image, there’s something eerie about it… the colourful and vibrant mickey mouse against the black and white of everyday city living. the way he stands out to us, and not the people around him. I really LOVE this image…

    • Thank you, Dina! I feel the same about it. Everything is so disconnected. I must admit I couldn’t believe what I had captured until I checked it on the big screen after arriving home. There is something pretty special about this one indeed 😀

      • My generation was lucky – in Portugal we were raised with the great British humour passing on TV. From Monty Python, Benny Hill, ‘Allo ‘Allo and later Little Britain – we had all the great goodies 😉

      • Really? I couldn’t imagine that! How funny. So we probably have a similar sense of humour! 🙂 Little Britain, I forgot about that. what a classic – always made me laugh!

      • Ahahah, what I laugh with your blog – I’d say similar for sure! In Portugal we used to learn the lines of Life of Brian word by word and recreate it during school breaks. Remember Lou & Andy? Little Britain is indeed quite something. Here in Germany my boss is a brit. The fun we have at work sometimes remembering scenes from the Monty Python movies. Priceless!

      • Oh yes! This is true. Of course I remember Lou and Andy, they were the best…followed by Vicky Pollard and the only gay in the village. Did you ever watch The Office (with Ricky Gervais?) I used to love that show too – had me in tears of laughter!

        And you’re right! Those Monty Python movies were great, too!

      • Vicky was so funny. But yeah, but no, but yeah, but no… The office is on my list. I had friends completely hooked. I think it started around the same time quite some changes took place in my life and it sort of flew under my radar.

      • I would definitely recommend it. It’s full on British humour – David Brent makes it. And if you like The Office you’ll also like karl pilkington : An idiot abroad – it’s hilarious! 🙂

        I know what you mean, life gets to busy for TV!

      • The last series I obsessively watched was actually not a comedy (Breaking bad). I will definitely take your recommendation. The Office shall be the next one, not to say I’ve been in need for a bit of a great comedy at the end of each day 😉

      • My husband keeps raving on about Breaking bad. I must watch it! I recommend you watch the Office first, then if you like that kind of humour, you’ll love Karl Pilkington!

      • I will most definitely search for The Office on video on demand. We watched Breaking bad online and it was a daily addiction for like 3 weeks in a row. Your husband is right, it really is worth the time 😉

      • On good days it was about 2-3 episodes a night… That’s the beauty of video on demand – I never had the patience to comply with TV schedules 😉

    • Hi Margaret, this one creates quite a span of reactions from funny to scary. I just find it sort of dysfunctional in its own strange way. The way is sort of isolated there, floating in the middle of the B&W field but without actually being alone.

      • Dysfunctional is exactly right! That combo of Mickey, who’s supposed to be so cheerful and happy in this bleak city setting. I guess too the variety of reactions has to do with our various relationships to Mickey Mouse himself, bc we all bring that with us. To me this picture is much like clowns- frightening in their cheeriness but much loved by many people. I think you’ve well executed this piece to solicit so many different reactions.

    • Eheheh, the 5D3 is indeed a great camera. However, I sold mine a couple of months a go. The weight of carrying it together with lenses, flash, tripod, etc – it just became too intrusive 😉

      • Yes that is true. So true. My back is a bit weird after having to carry it around. I kind of enjoy photowalks a lot so.. Yeah, you get the picture. I lean slightly to the left nowadays.. haha

      • The great thing is those beautiful 22mpx files… I have a few I want to print, like. BIG. The amount of detail on my files with the 24-105L was just stunning. Now that I think about it… I sort of miss it 😉

      • I had it for about 2 years. I try and rotate my gear every 2 years. I also had the 50 f1.4 – it’s a great little lens. The 24-105L made me a bit lazy (the 50 makes you walk to get the right composition). You should definitely keep it if it works well for you. For me personally things changed after I tried a Leica. I started with film (Olympus OM-1) and felt like going back to basics 🙂

      • The longest I had a camera was 2 years and 3 months. I do it more to keep depreciation losses in check and that allows me to jump into the last big thing whenever Canon decides it’s time. Only my Olympus analogs… I’m never ever selling them… I will be posting in the next couple of months about them and my absolute passion for the OM-1 🙂

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