A song a day…

…keeps the doctor away. I’ve lined up an idea for this week. From today till Friday I will post daily and my focus will be on music, bands and artists that I admire. I absolutely love this first one.

Band: Half Moon Run
From: Montreal, Canada


Half Moon Run (Unofferable – Lyrics)

Tell me a lie
I’ll be the first to fall
Give me an offer, unofferable

Imagine the warmth
In those tiny hands
That held on to a penance I didn’t deserve

Don’t it feel like a knife
In the back of your head
And it reeks like an afterthought, rotten and said
Maybe something got lost or forgotten instead

Oh and I’m bound by a drunk
With a few memories
Of how you burn through your lovers, it’s like an ugly disease
And give me an offer, unofferable

Held on to a penance,
I didn’t deserve
And it reeks like an afterthought rotten instead
And maybe something got lost or forgotten and said

4 thoughts on “A song a day…

    • They are really great musicians. It’s usually where one sees the real talent of a band or artist – when they do their thing live. I’ve been disappointed many times with bands that are great in the studio, but very poor playing live. Not these guys 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it 😉 They are really great! Full circle is a great song as well. Same with fire escape. They really are amazing musicians. Live acts like these guys are difficult to come around these days. Thank you for dropping by 🙂

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