Where are they now…?

Some of us born in the beginning of the eighties, end of the seventies, will likely remember some of the amazing TV cartoons that captured the imagination of so many. I clearly remember getting up on Saturday mornings to turn the big boxy TV and watch cartoons with my brother. We had a great collection…

From the fantastic He-Man (around 1988 it was also the first movie I watched in a cinema theater)… he-man …to the amazing Roger Rabbit and wife Jessica Rabbit… Roger Roger 2 Jessica Rabbit …the handy Inspector Gadget Gadget …to the Thundercats (I absolutey loved this series)… Thundercats …and I could never forget the initial Ninja Turtles and their love for Pizza. Ninja Turtles So it was an interesting experience to come across this video which depicts all my childhood heroes enjoying retirement… It’s fair enough to say that some are better off than others.

“Time is linear, memory is a stranger…”

31 thoughts on “Where are they now…?

    • Ahaaha, indeed Nad. Celebrities come and go, I guess. This is the most extreme illustration of the worst possible scenarios but in a funny / dark sort of way. It did make me feel old even if I’m only 33 🙂

      • Ahahha Nad, 26 still covers some of these although I see with my younger sister that 5-7 years later the cartoons changed quite a bit (beginning of the nineties with series like Ren & Stimpy, Johnny Bravo, Kim Possible, Dexter’s Lab, Scooby Doo, Rugrats, Sailor Moon, The Jetsons, etc, etc).

      • Yeah you’re probably right, I was more in the Cartoon Network, Nikelodeon, Disney channel era haha but there were some classics too in the video 😉

    • Indeed. Gadget was amazing, every Saturday was a surprise and he never disappointed. I remember having the Ninja Turtle toys and really enjoyed playing with them. Same with the original Transformers cartoons. Good Ol’ memories.

      • Me too! I also had the ninja turtle computer game on the old Sinclair – remember this? It took an hour to load up one game, and would make the most horrendous noise whilst doing so. It was totally worth it – the game was amazing, and the graphics were just breathtaking! *sarcastic face*

        Ol’ memories indeed! They don’t make em like they used to!

      • Ahahaha the Sinclair… my old 128k. That stunning little machine. I remember it. The game was pretty advanced at the time. The tape made such a funny noise… Tiiiiiiiiiii, piiiiiiiip, iiiiiiii. Pippo was also a great little game. However a simple surge in power or an angry mom pulling the power lead and all would be lost. I used to play the first Simcity on Sinclair and the computer would be on for days in a row, collecting all the wonderful taxes. Good ol’ days!

      • Yep! That’s the one! Did you by any chance own the game ‘paperboy’? this really was the best game ever!

        I remember Pippo and Sim City. That game was addictive! I loved playing The Sims, too! I would spend hours in my bedroom glued to my computer screen – I think my parents grew quite concerned, and would tell me I’d get square eyes if I carried on!

      • Ahahahah Paperboy, I remember it. It was addictive. I had so many taped games back in the day. Another one was Saboteur. With Saboteur I had days of arriving late to afternoon classes for completely losing the sense of time while playing it. Do you remember Arkanoid (the wall)? That was a great one as well.

      • Of course I remember Arkanoid! Such a simple concept for a game and yet it would keep us kids busy for hours, and hours, and…eeerrr…hours! I vaguely remember Sabotuer. You must have had a larger tape collection than I did. Did you advance onto the Sega or the Nintendo? (Or perhaps both)

      • We had the Gameboy with a bunch of games, that was a craze as well. The Robocop game and a list way too long to even try to cover… We also had the Sega Megadrive. Remember Worms…. “You bastards!!!” Ahahaha. Did you have Sega or Nintendo?

      • I had all three – the Nintendo (Mario bros were the best! The Sega (Sonic rocked my world!) and the gameboy! I remember a game called Earthworm jim, but I think I played this on the PC. It was awesome! If the kids of today played the games we used to adore, they would be like “You used to play on this?! For fun?!”

      • Sonic was so awesome! I have it on my iphone 😀
        You bet, I think most kids nowadays would look at Gameboy or Sinclair games and go… what is that??!!!! It was such a revolutionary thing at the time. I remember how amazed I was every time I used it.

        Back in the day the leap used to make a massive physical impact. From 128k and tapes to cartridges. From 2D to 3D. From CRTs to LCDs.

        Nowadays there aren’t developments able to surpass the sort of technological impact as we felt it back in the day. Certainly the true extend of today’s advancements is bigger than ever, but somehow it doesn’t fundamentally change how we use it (an iphone is an iphone is an iphone).

        To having been able to live fundamental tech changes as a kid… It was indeed magical (just like going from the initial landline internet connections to cable and DSL).

    • Thank you so much. I’m 33 as well – 1981 was a great year 😉 The cartoon shows in the 80s really had a great influence as I was growing up. The entire duality of good and evil, the strength of characters of most of the characters. I think it was a pretty unique era. Oh yes, I remember Jayce and the wheeled warriors.

    • Ahahah, indeed, she’s still full of swag!
      I was laughing as well – Tin Tin’s Removals. Pretty epic having Skeletor at the cash desk going biiiiiTch.

    • I remember that as a kid I was amazed. It really was my first contact with super heroes and the entire thing was out of this world. Nowadays, all these Marvel movies are way too much CG if you ask me, and often not enough substance.

    • Ahahahaha I loved the Ninja Turtles as well. Still remember one of our Christmas I was so wanting to receive a Ninja Turtle figure and ended up not getting it from Santa. Remember the disappointment to this day 😀

      • It’s really interesting how these things stay with us. I still remember the few Christmas gifts I didn’t receive and the disappointment. It didn’t happen too often and it took me time to understand that my dad would not buy us toys that had anything to do with guns, fighting, swords and the like. The Ninja Turtles and Transformers fell under that category… On the other side my bedroom used to look like a sea of Lego 😀

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