…Songs and Life

Some songs and artists mark us for life. They become engraved into who we are. Into our soul. This artist brings me quite a few memories. Just to list a few moments that included his music…

1. Mending a broken heart and becoming whole again (his music was around while going through the process)
2. Driving the stunning Lisbon bridge, windows wide open, listening to Heavier Things, following my British Council exam
3. Finishing my degree and getting two different job offers before leaving school (confidence sky high)
4. Experience the adventure of leaving my home country and starting all over
5. Finding love again

He needs no introduction…

His trio drummer (Steve Jordan) gets me every single time…

9 thoughts on “…Songs and Life

    • He’s a really great guitar player. One of the best of our generation (I think). Slow dancing in a burning room is a stunning song, indeed. You have great taste 😀

      • I play guitar ever since I was about 8 and I’m relatively proficient (as I like to put it). A song like Gravity or Stop this train, I remember it took me 2 weeks of daily playing to get them per original version. Playing guitar helps to truly value guitar players like Mayer. To think that he put such guitar masterpieces together… And not just once, but repeatedly. Some may question is super ego but he truly is one of the greatest.

  1. Ok, Andre, so this is the second random time John Mayer and the word genius have come to me out of nowhere today. . . hmmmm . . what could this mean?? I shall ponder this today 🙂

    I love his lyrics, love them, love them. And to this day, “Say” is one of my all time favorite songs. “Walkin like a one man army . . .” so damn perfect.

    Anyway, just had to share! 🙂

    Wishing you much peace today – Allison

    • Ahh, there is no such thing as coincidences 😃
      He’s great indeed and his lyrics can be quite special.
      Feel free to share and drop by more often. Always great to hear from you!
      Have a great Wednesday!

      • I don’t believe in coincidences either, friend! I believe in signs from the universe . . . and John Mayer and lyrics and following his passion for words seems to make sense for me right now. Don’t you love things like that?!

        I have to admit, I have missed popping by your beautiful blog, I don’t know where I went astray. You have a most wonderful, welcoming and inspiring space here. How great to be cyber neighbors, yeah?

        Blessings and light and peace, always 😉


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