My iron lung…

Oh my… This bring back memories. The first album I bought in GBP during a trip to London 17 years a go.
Such an amazing band.

No, it’s crap. We’re gonna do it again

12 thoughts on “My iron lung…

    • I guess for Thom “Great” is never good enough 😀
      Quite a long time. I still remember buying “The Bends” at the big Virgin megastore in London. I was about 16 at the time.

    • Indeed Amanda! I love them. Spent my adolescence and (early) adulthood listening to them, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins. Great bands for what was a great time 😀

      • Sounds like we have similar tastes in music, too! I used to listen to those bands when I was in school. The 90’s are probably my favourite era for music! They don’t make band like they used to! *long sigh*

      • Ahh, indeed! Well we could’ve been high school best mates as we were discussing once and music taste was crucial in the 90’s!

        There was also Blur, Oasis (and their intra/inter band antics), Portishead, Jeff Buckley… It was a stunning decade for music and I’m really glad I was around to enjoy it. Given the choice I would’ve also loved to experience music during the 60’s and 70’s (proper rock n roll like T-Rex, Hendrix, Joplin, the beginning of Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, original Genesis, etc, etc).

        Nowadays there are also great bands and artists but the mainstream pop and most of the paid-off airplay (with some rare exceptions) is nothing short of garbage. Very unfortunate to see what happened to TV channels like MTV and the like.

      • We really could have been high school friends, we are like two peas in a pod 😀

        I adore Jeff Buckley (still listen to his music now!) I also listened to Oasis and Blur (being British and all!). 70’s music was pretty amazing too. I grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and Lep Zeppelin. My dad used to listen to those bands.

        Can you remember your first ever record, tape (do you remember tapes?! haha) and CD?

        …Whatever happened to CD’s? Times have changed! It’s crazy how technology has developed, and yet music of today…*coughs* hasn’t!

        I agree with you, MTV is not the same. I used to love watching it when I was a teen, but now, not so much. Apart from Catfish…love that show!

      • Indeed Amanda! It’s really incredible that people living countries apart can have so much culture in common which I think comes to show how back then the pop culture was incredibly rich and brought people together.

        Oh, Jeff Buckley… Such an amazing artist. It was quite sad what happened to him. My dad also used to play those same guys all the time and it completely grew into me from a young age. I still frequently listen to them too, Buckley and in particular Straits and Floyd.

        I still remember my Sony Walkman and carrying a bunch of tapes everywhere with me. It’s interesting you mention CD’s. When they arrived to Portugal in the 90’s, it was like space technology – with lasers and all that. It was at about the same time the big mobile phones arrived and it was like Startrek had landed! Nowadays I have everything on Spotify and itunes. Crazy how everything changed since our old times.

        Promise you won’t laugh… my first album was a Christmas gift from my parents, band called Europe… I was around 6 and used to start playing air guitar like a madman, jumping on chairs and on the floor to this song called “The final countdown” lololol I played the vinyl so often that I ruined it after a few months. The guitar solo still makes me smile every time I listen to it. What was your first album?

        I was around when MTV was launched and remember the late 80’s programming was all about Dire Straits money for nothing, Michael Jackson, Beastie Boys and then into the 90’s. Remember Beavies & Butthead?

      • Oh man! *hangs head in shame* I used to do that same air guitar/jumping off the chair/scooting across the floor on my knee combo – to the same song! It’s the finaaaaal countdown, da da da …da da da da da! Loved it!

        My first record was, embarrassingly, Bandaid 1984’s – do they know it’s Christmas time. Which I can’t stand listening to these days (I’m not a fan of Bob Geldoff!)

        My first tape was a little bit cooler! The Cranberries – No Need To Argue. My favourite song was, of course, Zombie! And I had a massive Walkman too! It annoyed me so much when my tape got all caught up and it took me an afternoon to wind it back into place (with the end of a pencil!) the joys of being a 90’s kid, eh?

        My first CD was Savage Garden *Hangs head in shame* my taste in music developed when MTV came along and introduced me to cooler music. I used to like Kerrang too! I loved the Beastie boys and Beavis and Butthead! Then I watched all those awful shows like Jackass and Punked (with Ashton Kutcher!) *Cringe*

      • Ahhh, isn’t it great there were no mobile cameras flying around back then? Just imagine having all those moments registered… Now that would definitely make me go into *hangs head in shame* mode 😀

        Bandaid was quite big back then and Cranberries were huge. Zombie was in the Portuguese top10 for weeks. Jackass was so funny. I actually still check it every now and then and it always makes me laugh. Good ol’ days indeed!

        Ahhh, the annoying tapes… And when the sound would get all wobbly from playing so much…

      • Oh they certainly were the gool ol’ days… I feel so old saying this, but things were so much cooler back in ‘our’ day!

        I haven’t watch Jackass since I was about 15. I should put it on to see if I still find it hilarious. I think they still play the odd episode on MTV!

        I’m glad the mobile cameras weren’t around in my day! Just imagine the ‘dodgy’ selfies of our dodgy hairdo’s and fashion sense! Eeeek!

        Do you think the kids of today will look back at all these silly selfies, and think “What the heck was I thinking?” Just as I thought, as I looked back at pictures of myself wearing a silver PUFFA JACKET and …dare I say it… Adidas poppers! (<- remember these?)

      • Ahahahah, I definitely remember the puffa jacket and poppers. There was a phase in Portugal and everybody was wearing poppers. Then it was the Allstars and Redley.

        Just imagine all those awkward film pictures from the 90’s… multiplied 1000 fold and posted in social media… Yikes! I would move to asia! 😀

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