The Waiting

I’ve finally been able to settle down. Take time out, look around. Read some of my favorite blogs, enjoy my favorite music.

In the last months, the construction work and chaos was a bit distressful given my need for structure. Now that it all came to an end, I slowly start feeling that everything is getting under control. Just in time for Spring!

Looking forward to start writing my blog once again!

6 thoughts on “The Waiting

    • Thank you so much Nad! It’s been a really crazy period. Lots of pressure and stress on so many fronts. It’s good to be back 😀
      I’ll be checking out your blog to see what’s been happening on your side! Hope everything is going great with you.

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! We’re now looking into the fun side of moving – decorating the place. I love doing that! No more dust, noise, wall painting – That’s all behind us now 😀 I have a few posts in the pipeline that I’m looking forward to share with you 😀

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