…resettling – The adventure – part I

There I was.
00:30 AM. The police officer took a step back, looked at my car and asked for the documents while carefully observing my every move through the open window. I was feeling pretty tired after a full day of carrying furniture and setting up the basics in the new apartment. There were a couple of tools in the front passenger seat – including an electrical tester. I didn’t make any of it but as I learned afterwards, similar tools are used to steal cars…

Note to self: always keep your tools in the trunk.

So I provided my documents and the 2 officers walked back to their patrol car to check the paperwork. They stayed for what seemed an eternity and I just couldn’t wait to go home and get some rest. After about 5 minutes they came back and asked me in English:

– What are the tools for?

I replied:
– Tools?

The Officer pointed to the passenger seat and said:

– Those tools…

I was so tired it took me an extra second to compute:
– Ohh, those! Well, I just bought an apartment and had to install a few lights.

He looked back at me puzzled,
– You bought an apartment…?

In fairness most people in Germany rent property instead of buying so I guess a bearded south European looking as rough as I did that late at night, with tools resting in the front seat stating he bought an apartment… Let’s just say that must’ve seemed odd enough for any local to take in (you have to understand my new area isn’t necessarily a cultural melting pot).

So I stated once again:
– Yes, I bought an apartment and we’re having Renovierungsarbeiten (the nice German word for “renovating”) so I needed the tools to install some lights and now I’m going back to my other apartment.


The officer glimpsed back at his colleague and finally said:
– Thank you, have a nice evening.

I guess no real outlaw would ever come up with such an elaborate excuse if it weren’t real. The car being in my name probably helped too. Also if there’s something I learned in these 7 years living in Germany is that police officers here are always really polite and the few times I was stopped it was always respectful. This time was no different (only that my circumstances were peculiar).

So I took off looking forward to arriving home but of course my adventures for the night were far from over. Living in the city center is a nightmare when it comes to parking. There are areas reserved for us locals but try and park after 22:00 and you’re on to a great adventure. Searching for a spot at 01:00 AM is even worse, everyone is sleeping so forget about waiting for someone to leave. That night I ended up parking the car 1,5 km away – meaning a 15+ minute walk in the raining cold adding to the list of accomplishments. At 02:00 AM I was finally home ready for a quick power nap before starting more prep work (now) in the old apartment as everything had to be finished by 09:00 AM for the moving company…

(to be continued…)

4 thoughts on “…resettling – The adventure – part I

  1. “Renovierungsarbeiten” <- Wow, what a mouthful. I see that things got off to a shaky start…but I am hoping things smoothed out after your brief run in with the police. It's funny how – even when we are innocent and haven't done anything wrong – we automatically feel guilty or paranoid when the police roll up… I'm the same when a police car is driving behind me. Suddenly, I am unable to drive, my legs go to jelly and I'm cautiously looking into my rearview mirror!

    And a 15 minute walk in the rain is never fun – damned parking!

    • Ohh it was crazy, mainly because I took on far more than I should’ve. I had to break the initial post in a few parts to give even a glimpse of what it was.

      I’m always pretty chilled with the police. I know my rights quite well and have huge respect for their job (not easy) so that’s a good combination. In the end they do keep us safe (to an extend).

      Definitely! A rainy walk so late at night…. I was pretty annoyed at it all!

  2. Sounds like you had quite an ‘adventure’. Moving is stressful as is. Add being stopped by the cops, and you’re talking stress on another level! Glad to see you’ve survived it all 🙂

    • Indeed, Lora! It was quite an adventure. More due to me wanting to do it all and the fact we had construction work going in the new place. Managing all that in conjunction with work was tough! “Survived” is definitely a really good way to put it 😀

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