…the Very Inspiring Blog Award

A big thank you to…

Amanda at http://insidethelifeofmoi.wordpress.com

…for kindly nominating me for The Very Inspiring Blog Award. Your blog is one of my most frequent reads. It’s also a perfect blend of serious subjects mixed with witty outbursts that always make me laugh, smile and think.

award-6My 12 nominee’s are

(no particular order)

Margaret at http://verybangled.com – Margaret’s blog is in one word – GREAT. Her posts are always beautifully introduced by a stunning combination of bracelets from her vast collection. Margaret’s has a stunning good taste. Her posts and writing always make me smile. A great blog to follow!

Sarah at http://andthisiswhyiwilldiealonesurroundedbycats.com – Sarah is another one of my frequent reads. Her blog is a perfect mix of art with funny, witty writing – Sarah has an amazing sense humor. A great blog and a pleasure to follow!

West at http://west517.wordpress.com – One of my favorite photography blogs. I really like West’s pictures and her artistic approach to night pictures. Her compositions and tonalities are always great. I drop by her blog frequently and always find myself appreciating her visual take on life.

Katarina at http://katarinawohlfart.com – Katarina is a great blogger from Sweden. I’m a frequent in her photography blog and always enjoy her photographs of Swedish landscapes and her travel reports. Katarina’s blog is in English but it also has some sections and comments in Swedish which I find fascinating. A really inspiring blog!

Jane at http://cupidorcats.wordpress.com – Jane’s blog introduction states that she will get all up inside your head and won’t leave until you ask nicely. That’s pretty much how I’d resume it as well, so no further introductions required… Trust me – Click follow…

Grace at http://mgrace58.wordpress.com – Quick tips on workouts? Check! Interesting quotes? Check! What’s the latest, coolest thing going on the other side of the pond? Check! Grace’s blog is a really enjoyable site and one that I recommend.

Eric at http://tonningsen.wordpress.com – Eric’s blog is truly inspirational. From his quotes to his life experience, Eric shares a lot of wise knowledge through his blog. I know Eric does not do award posts but I had to mention him on this list as his blog is truly inspirational.

Nad at http://hugsxheart.wordpress.com – Another favorite blog of mine (I’m a frequent). Nad is a great read and always reminds me of some of my closest, old friends (those that you can trust for life). A recent follow which feels like it’s been with me for years. Definitely recommended.

Anna at http://olivevienna.com Anna was born in Brazil and lives in Canada. Her blog is a recent find but it’s already part of my daily reads. I really like her blog and fully recommend it.

Junkchuck at http://oldroadapples.wordpress.com/about/ I love opinionated people – associated to a good dose of humor, that sort of combination has the potential for some serious blogging Nirvana and this is exactly the case. Another great blog.

Paulo at http://cottidianus.wordpress.com Paulo’s blog is a wonderful photography blog and truly inspiring. I absolutely love his black & white photography. Fully recommended.

Gin at http://beautifuliceland.wordpress.com  I love Gin’s travel blog. Her travel photography is really great and I’ve been following her blog for quite some time. Another clear recommendation.

So, what are the rules?

  1. Nominate 12 blogs which inspire you and will, without a doubt, inspire others.
  2. Display the award logo on your blog.
  3. Answer the eleven questions provided by the nominator.
  4. Notify your nominee.
  5. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post.

My questions & Answers

1) How would you describe yourself?
Persistent, either day dreaming or obsessively focused (nothing in between), short attention span.

2) If your life were a movie, who would play you?
Jake Gyllenhaal.

3) Can you remember your last dream?
I dreamt I woke up and had a stitched scar in the middle of my chest that looked like I received a new heart or something. I rarely dream but when I do, most of my dreams tend to be on the weird side. It inspired one of my recent songs.

4) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
North Pole. I love the cold.

5) Describe your ideal day
During holidays, next to the sea, a nice lunch with fresh fish, a good wine and the best of companies.

6) What was your first pet?
A hamster. I used to get up on Saturday mornings to clean his little cage and give him a bath (he always loved it).

7) If you could eat one thing for a month, what would it be?
Risotto. I could live from eating it for a full year. Unfortunately too high on carbs.

8) If you could have one super power, what would it be?
I’d love to be able to fly. Unassisted flying like birds do.

9) What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Just a simple cover of Mozzarella cheese.

10) Are you a morning or night person?
I’m a night person. In fact extreme summer daylight gives me a headache.

11) How do you want people to remember you when you’re gone?
I don’t spend much time considering what others think about me and I’m still around. Therefore the concept of hypothetically thinking how I want people to remember me when I’m gone is an alien concept to me.

Questions for my nominee’s

1) What’s your favorite piece of modern tech?
2) What is your dream job?
3) If someone granted one wish, what would you wish for?
4) If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
5) If you’d have to visit only one internet site for an entire year, which one would you choose?
6) Are you a home type person or a party type?
7) What’s your favorite music instrument and can you play it?
8) What’s your preference: lots of mates or a few best friends?
9) What’s your best childhood memory?
10) Did you ever own a pet?
11) What’s your preference: black & white photos or color?

23,5 Exquisite

Trashing, trashing. All she was doing. Trashing. Lying while believing. Refusing to see what was actually there to everybody’s acceptance. The self indecent and induced fakeness of her pain, the fear of non existing ghosts. The wounds were not healing, they kept bleeding in sequence. One after the other. She was cutting her own flesh over and over again. The bathroom floor had white and black square tiles. Aligned in sequence, white against black, good against evil, happiness against darkness.


That particular day it was sunny outside and at least birds were singing. The windows of her bedroom were covered, protecting her own little depressive corner of the world. Self pity some may say. Laying in the bathtub, hanging bleeding wrists were dropping blood over a white tile. One after the other until drops merged together to form an invading sea. When birds stopped singing, there were no more white tiles. All was red, all was blood. Her skin was white. Darkness in her bedroom was still intact, protected. She wasn’t there anymore.