My iron lung…

Oh my… This bring back memories. The first album I bought in GBP during a trip to London 17 years a go.
Such an amazing band.

No, it’s crap. We’re gonna do it again

…Songs and Life

Some songs and artists mark us for life. They become engraved into who we are. Into our soul. This artist brings me quite a few memories. Just to list a few moments that included his music…

1. Mending a broken heart and becoming whole again (his music was around while going through the process)
2. Driving the stunning Lisbon bridge, windows wide open, listening to Heavier Things, following my British Council exam
3. Finishing my degree and getting two different job offers before leaving school (confidence sky high)
4. Experience the adventure of leaving my home country and starting all over
5. Finding love again

He needs no introduction…

His trio drummer (Steve Jordan) gets me every single time…

Gaming in the 80’s…

Celebrating it in German… Marteria (Endboss)

Ich spring von Level zu Level zu Level
Spring von Level zu Level zu Level
Spring von Level zu Level zu Level zu Level
Bis der Endboss kommt