Ohh, but I do…

I really enjoy leaving home with the camera. Even if for a simple stroll around the city.
The unexpected does tend to take place. A couple of shots came out that I’ll be adding to my deFocuseD series.

“Ohh but I do. I love the lights…”


  “Ohh but I do. Just look at them… Look at them two.”


“Ohh but I do. If waiting would cut it, we would all cut it.” Düsseldorf-Sep2014-Waiting-7525All photographs shot with Fuji X-Pro1 and Olympus 55mm f1.2. All rights reserved © André Nunes

Homes and Origin

Some say “home is where your heart is”. What if one’s heart is in many places?

I lived in a few cities and with every move my sense of belonging changes. It mutates. The emotional sense of locational exclusivity that tends to be attached to the word “home” is reduced further. My heart is in so many places that I do ask myself repeatedly: Where is home?

Still, the places that saw me grow still feel pretty special (not to say they are indeed stunning). 


 Setúbal, Portugal. City where I was raised. Where the Sado river meets the Atlantic ocean. Sunset pic.


Palmela. Neighbor city right next to Setúbal. Great wines. Beautiful castle.

Castle Palmela-7423

The Palmela castle. I could walk around that castle for hours.Palmela Castle 2-7442

The Palmela castle offers one of the best views of Setúbal. Sunsets are magical.

Lisbon 2-7344

Lisbon. City where I was born. My favorite city to eat and shop.


The Expo area (now called “Parque das nações”). Great place to grab a meal, go for a nice walk…

Chilling in Lisbon-7368

…and relax.

I’d like to be able to predict where life will take me next. What’s the next city I’ll be calling home. But I can’t, and that’s just fine. My origins are and will always remain, the same.

All pictures by André Nunes ©